Content Prompts

worry less + do more

I know it can be a challenge to come up with ideas for what to write about – whether that’s for your blog, email, or a social media post. I hope these prompts and themes give you lots of ideas and are helpful. Please reach out anytime if you need more support.


Share articles

  • Content from others in your field/industry
  • Relevant pop culture + current events with analysis
  • Trend changes + analysis in your industry

Your Services

  • What can you offer your audience
  • What’s new with what you’re doing
  • Why do people need your services

Explain something

  • Give step-by-step instructions
  • Teach new vocab or concepts
  • Break down opinions on relevant topics
  • Why should people care about what you do?

Events + Promos

  • In person and virtual event details
  • Market promos and sales
  • Talk about new products
  • Behind the scenes footage

Your Why

  • Why is this job important to you
  • Why did you start
  • Why do you keep going
  • How has your why evolved

Family Time

  • Include posts and stories about your family
  • Include your family in your work and share about it


  • Share about relevant hobbies or activities you like to do
  • Invite others along + build community


  • Relevant memories that brought you to this point

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