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Email Marketing

visual examples of email marketing in flodesk in a hexagon layout

Email Marketing Portfolio

At Social for Good Co., we know that amplifying your positive message is important to you as a social impact business owner. There are lots of ways you do this well on a regular basis, in person and online. Since you do not own your social media contacts, it’s important to also have a private database where you can build community and have personal conversations. That is why email marketing is an essential component to our social impact marketing framework.

Look at our portfolio below and/or set up a time to chat with us about how you can get started sending consistent, connecting emails to your audience.

Email Marketing Portfolio 2021 by karahoholik

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How to Get Email Subscribers

One of the more intimidating questions a new business owner gets asked is, “Do you have an email list?” “A what?” you ask. Email marketing can feel daunting but we can help you get new email subscribers, serve your list well, and grow your business in a sustainable way. Why do you need email subscribers?…

25 Ways to Serve Your Email List

Running out of ideas? We got you. Our list of 25 ways to serve your email list will keep your subscribers happy and interested and help you run your emails efficiently. Some of these ideas are great for engagement, while others are lead magnets that you can use to market subscribing to your list. Need…

Effective marketing depends on what you say and how you say it.