Meet the people behind Social for Good – writing compelling content for socially conscious business.

Our Mission

Social for Good helps socially responsible businesses create compelling content to further their mission. A content marketing agency, supporting entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profits, we work to amplify positive messaging, connect others online, and spark belief in a vision for a better future through content writing, design, marketing, and social media.

Enneagram 4w3. INFP-T. Creative Thinker. Quality Time. Problem Solver + Ideation.

Kara Hoholik
Founder + CEO

Kara is a mom of 3 small kids living on a farm* outside Grand Rapids, Michigan. She loves writing, thinking, and cheese fries. When she’s not wiping muddy feet, you can find her reading with a cup of cold coffee still sitting in the microwave.

*The definition of a farm (apparently) varies based on where you grew up and is a hot topic in the family group chat.

Enneagram 8w7. ENFJ-A. Realist. Quality Time. Justice + Organization.

Aubrey Mueller
Chief Operating Officer

A Midwestern mom of 4 polar opposite children and a self-proclaimed fitness junkie, Aubrey has an amazing eye for detail and process, while still maintaining the big picture dream.

She’s a deep thinker and an even deeper sleeper. Aubrey hates to cook, but loves to eat (with a strong preference for tacos and pasta).

Enneagram 1w2. ESFJ-A. Realist. Quality Time.  

Kati Doyle
Administrative Coordinator

Kati is a proud stay-at-home mom of 3 young children (ages 8, 6, and 3). Her superpower is organization. Whether it’s planning school fundraisers, book fairs, family vacations, or just tackling the toy room, she thrives on orderly details.

It’s also her way of exercising just the tiniest bit of control in her busy family life! With a dancer, a ninja, and a tiny tornado at home she’s always on my toes. Together Kati and her family love to travel, camp, and ski!

Enneagram 4w5. INFP. Acts of Service and Gifts.

Maddie King

Maddie enjoys afternoons on the town and evenings at home. She loves making things with her hands and is always looking for her next project!

Naps in the sun, binging podcasts, and using pretty pens are some of her favorite things. She feels blessed to be a Professional Colorer and is always down for a coffee shop work day!

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