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Social for Good Co. is a social impact marketing agency supporting entrepreneurs, purposeful businesses, and non-profits. We amplify positive messaging, connect others online, build authentic community, and spark belief in a vision for a better future through content writing, design, marketing, and social media.

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We believe in a future created by our collective spirit, where each individual voice is elevated, respected, and celebrated. We believe our role at Social for Good Co. is to create opportunities, implement inclusive solutions, and invite others into community. We will remain vigilant, scanning the horizon behind us to bring others forward; anticipating criticism and relying on each other to handle adversity. We will lead the way in using our resources to amplify marginalized voices and advocate loudly for social change, to create this future we see: conscious, sustainable, and free of limitations.

the how to our why


We are marketers, visionaries, storytellers, and advocates that believe in the power of business to create positive change. To create a better future for business and our clients, we must be a place where our team can do their best work and be their truest selves.


Our culture is rooted in trust, support, diversity and community. We are a LGBTQIA+, BIPOC and mom/parent friendly organization. We ask and use preferred pronouns. We celebrate all families. Love is love. We encourage kids in meetings and flexible schedules. We prioritize listening and have open conversations about race. We believe in using our platform, voices, and privilege to lift up others. We encourage new ideas and perspectives. And we believe we are better together.


Each day we feel empowered to make a difference; where we’re passionate about positive impact and collaboration; and where we take care of each other, our clients, our partners and our communities simply because it’s the right thing to do.

the people behind the purpose

Kara Hoholik

Founder + Chief Executive Officer

Enneagram 4w3. INFP-T. Creative Thinker. Quality Time. Problem Solver + Ideation.

Kara (she/her) is a mom of three small kids living on a farm* outside Grand Rapids, Michigan. She loves writing, thinking, and cheese fries. When she’s not wiping muddy feet, you can find her reading with a cup of cold coffee still sitting in the microwave. *The definition of a farm (apparently) varies based on where you grew up and is a hot topic in the family group chat.

Aubrey Mueller

Chief Operating Officer

Enneagram 8w7. ENFJ-A. Realist. Quality Time. Justice + Organization.

A Midwestern mom of four polar opposite children and a self-proclaimed fitness junkie, Aubrey (she/her) has an amazing eye for detail and process, while still maintaining the big picture dream. She’s a deep thinker and an even deeper sleeper. Aubrey hates to cook but loves to eat (with a strong preference for tacos and pasta).

Regina Lum-Witkoske

Marketing Director

Enneagram 2w1. ENFJ-T. Empathizer + Collaborator. Quality Time. Brainstormer.

Regina (she/her) is a social butterfly, who enjoys getting to know people, cultures, and cities through food! Being a mom of three young kids and an entrepreneur, it’s a good thing she’s an energetic person. The ability to take small pieces of information and form it into a larger plan is Regina’s strong suit. She believes in collaboration and uplifting our communities.

Amanda Els-Grove

Social Media Manager

Enneagram 3w4. ENFJ-T. Optimist. Words of Affirmation.

Amanda (she/her) is a passionate new mom to a baby girl. She enjoys spending time with her family, perfecting her macaron recipes, and exploring new creative outlets in her free time. She considers herself a “jack of all trades” creatively and is always working to perfect her skills. One of those skills is music; Amanda is also a singer/songwriter and enjoys playing shows whenever she gets the opportunity.

Beyla Lahsen

Social Media Manager

Words of Affirmation. Advocate.

Beyla is a Moroccan, Cameroonian, Spanish-speaking author, painter, content creator, and speaker who seeks to unite generations through her creations. You can find her rollerskating at the park or in the rink when she gets some free time away from reading books. Beyla also helps the Queer Center of Denver engage the youth and adults in social activities post-pandemic. Beyla is invested in her communities and is truly passionate about her work.

Lakenia Payne

Social Media Manager

Enneagram TBD. ENFJ-A. Diplomat.

Lakenia (she/her) is a whimsical, free-spirited, bubbly cat mom who enjoys surrounding herself with the simplistic beauty of nature. She loves adventure, whether it’s solo traveling across the globe or thrill-seeking with friends. As a natural-born philosopher, sociology and anthropology are two of her favorite topics. In her free time, when not obsessing over Marvel films and cinematography, she enjoys doing DIY projects and spending time with her large West African family.

Marissa Yi

Content Coordinator

Enneagram 2w3. ENFJ-A. Believer. Acts of Service.

Marissa (she/her) is a homeschooling mother of two. She is energized by helping people come up with creative solutions to help launch new projects, events, or businesses. When she is not writing or building websites, she loves singing, crafting, and baking pies! On sunny days, she enjoys exploring different parks and trails nearby in New Jersey with her family. When she grows up, she wants to be a ballerina (hey, we can all dream, right?)!

Maddie King

Design Coordinator

Enneagram 4w5. INFP. Acts of Service + Gifts.

Maddie (she/her) enjoys afternoons on the town and evenings at home. She loves making things with her hands and is always looking for her next project! Naps in the sun, binging podcasts, and using pretty pens are some of her favorite things. She feels blessed to be a Professional Colorer and is always down for a coffee shop workday!

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Michelle Woo

(she/her) Accounting

Maritza Nelson

(they/them) Legal

Taylor Perez

(she/her) Human Resources

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