The Art of the Apology

Let’s face it – making an apology can be hard. We’ve all (hopefully) felt the sting of swallowing our pride to say, “I’m sorry”. It requires humility, but sometimes it’s necessary to save a relationship that we value. Turns out that sometimes corporations and small businesses need to apologize too, and for the same reasons.Continue reading “The Art of the Apology”

New Year, Same You

Did you know that only 8% of adults achieve their goals? One of the main reasons is that we often make a goal without thinking about how to get there. Here are some tools, articles, and ideas that you may find helpful in getting your new year started on the right foot, whether you madeContinue reading “New Year, Same You”

Socially Conscious Business and Social Media

With people spending so much time on social media, it makes sense that activists, nonprofits, and socially conscious businesses get involved as well. According to 2020 statistics, the average person spends over six years of their life using social media. This is the third highest time allotment after watching tv (over eight years) and sleepingContinue reading “Socially Conscious Business and Social Media”

Email Marketing 101: The Subject Line Matters

After reading the title of this post you might be thinking, “it’s 2021, do people really use email anymore?”. And the answer is heck yes, they do! And the stats back this up. A study by Statista predicted that in 2022, over 347 billion emails will be sent daily. Not only that, but by 2023,Continue reading “Email Marketing 101: The Subject Line Matters”

Social Impact Tips: 25 Ideas

As social impact marketers, we recognize how important it is to not only be socially conscious, but to also take action. Being simply aware is just the bare minimum. As such, we put together this list of social impact tips to help you put your beliefs into action. We understand that it’s daunting. Everywhere youContinue reading “Social Impact Tips: 25 Ideas”

Which social media scheduler should I use?

You’ll not find two social media managers who agree on whether or not to schedule or how to do it. There are lots of options and lots of reasons to go one way or the other. We’ll simplify it here for you so you can make the best choice for yourself both on if toContinue reading “Which social media scheduler should I use?”

What email service provider should I use?

Email service providers (or ESPs) are digital platforms where you can design and send marketing emails to people who have in some way, shape, or form subscribed to receive emails from you. These ESPs can help you keep your emails organized so you know what type of emails to send to which subscriber. Many ESPsContinue reading “What email service provider should I use?”

3 ways media exposure is good for business

You know the saying all publicity is good publicity? We’ve all heard it, and maybe to some degree, it’s true. But some really bad publicity has definitely put people out of work. If fear of failure, insecurities, and limiting beliefs are holding you back from seeking media exposure for your business, let me tell youContinue reading “3 ways media exposure is good for business”

25 ways to start a business with kids at home

I started 2 businesses at home during the COVID-19 pandemic while my children were in virtual school. Here are 25 ways to start a business with kids at home.