The Art of the Apology

Let’s face it – making an apology can be hard. We’ve all (hopefully) felt the sting of swallowing our pride to say, “I’m sorry”. It requires humility, but sometimes it’s necessary to save a relationship that we value. Turns out that sometimes corporations and small businesses need to apologize too, and for the same reasons.Continue reading “The Art of the Apology”

Socially Conscious Business and Social Media

With people spending so much time on social media, it makes sense that activists, nonprofits, and socially conscious businesses get involved as well. According to 2020 statistics, the average person spends over six years of their life using social media. This is the third highest time allotment after watching tv (over eight years) and sleepingContinue reading “Socially Conscious Business and Social Media”

Social Media Strategy 101: How Often Do I Post?

So much of our daily lives is spent online, so it’s no wonder that businesses have moved their marketing efforts to social media platforms. The right social media strategy gives any business the chance to instantly connect with their target audience and (when you do it right) market their products/services for free. And any interactionContinue reading “Social Media Strategy 101: How Often Do I Post?”

How to repurpose content across social, email, blog

Whether you call it repurpose or recycle, it doesn’t matter. According to brain science, you do not need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to your social impact marketing. (I know! We’re excited too!) At Social for Good, we help our clients learn how to repurpose content so they can save time and createContinue reading “How to repurpose content across social, email, blog”

Which social media scheduler should I use?

You’ll not find two social media managers who agree on whether or not to schedule or how to do it. There are lots of options and lots of reasons to go one way or the other. We’ll simplify it here for you so you can make the best choice for yourself both on if toContinue reading “Which social media scheduler should I use?”

Social Media Engagement vs. Followers

Social media analytics are more than just a quick peek at your follower count on the insta profile. That big (or small) number is super visual, but it is way less important than your engagement. Why should I care about social media engagement? Followers are great because they help with visibility and it means yourContinue reading “Social Media Engagement vs. Followers”

25 ways to start a business with kids at home

I started 2 businesses at home during the COVID-19 pandemic while my children were in virtual school. Here are 25 ways to start a business with kids at home.

3 reasons why you need email marketing for your business

Email marketing is essential for every type of business, but you’d be surprised how many entrepreneurs I talk to that don’t have one! There are a few reasons why email marketing is important, especially in comparison to social media. Own your clients Many of my clients are present on social media first before they setContinue reading “3 reasons why you need email marketing for your business”

5 ways to organize content for social media

You can get away with winging your social media content every once in a while, but trust me when I say that having a plan, and planning ahead, will pay off in dividends. Organize content in photos I know it can seem inauthentic to plan social media posts ahead, but it’s really not. Just becauseContinue reading “5 ways to organize content for social media”