Emails in a Nutshell

Don’t let emails
be what holds you back from success!

Your business and message are important. But so are all the other tasks on your list, and eventually what falls to the bottom? Setting up your emails.

However, there’s no simpler way to build an authentic connection with your audience than through the intimacy of their inbox.

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We’ll customize your workflows, landing page, and create a newsletter template in your own Flodesk account. We help organize and segment your email list and provide a detailed 1:1 personal tutorial on how to use it.

And then send you on your merry way with everything you need to nurture and develop your email list.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I am so glad I signed up to use services with Social for Good!! We met for a consultation, I shared what I was looking for, and she was able to accommodate my needs. I wanted a way to connect with customers off of social media but was also dreading the amount of time it would take me to set up myself.  She offered a huge relief & weight off my shoulders!! Within hours of sending out the emails she personalized for me, recipients responded, reconnected, and brought new business. I’m so grateful for their work and would absolutely recommend them!

Robyn C.
Noonday Collection Ambassador

Your niche is our niche.

We specialize in social impact business so you don’t have to explain yourself. We get it. Your mission and impact are integral and should be woven into every aspect of your company’s narrative – especially emails.

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Emails in a Nutshell includes…

Welcome Sequence

A custom 4-5 email workflow that automatically welcomes new subscribers and introduces them to your company. Start building relationships and authority.

Newsletter Template

Send more newsletters and announcements with customized templates. Just plug and play your information in your custom template.

Landing Page

We’ll develop a custom landing page for your audience to subscribe to your email list. Embed into your website or leave it as a standalone site.

Along with…

  • Email access to your sequence designer for questions and support
  • Personal walkthrough and tutorial of Flodesk and your custom setup
  • Fonts, colors, and photos to suit your branding
  • Customized copy to fit your voice and audience
  • Current best practices in email marketing applied to your unique niche

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I work 80 hours a week serving clients and didn’t have a moment to spare. I’m so grateful to know that my emails are going out without me having to spend extra time on it.

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Christina M.
Doula and Founder of Puget Sound Birth and Nourish You: a meal prep service for new moms

DIY Emails without the DIY.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that you don’t have enough hours in a day. Let us get your email marketing started, so you can serve your subscribers quickly and effectively.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The best part about Emails in a Nutshell is that I didn’t have to do it myself!

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April H.
Scout and Cellar Consultant

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