Emails in a Nutshell


Complete email marketing setup service on Flodesk including welcome sequence, newsletter template, landing page, and tutorial.


Don’t let email marketing setup be what holds you back from success.

Your business and message are important. But so are all the other tasks on your list, and eventually what falls to the bottom? Your email marketing setup.

However, there’s no simpler way to build an authentic connection with your audience than through the intimacy of their inbox.

We’ll customize your workflows, landing page, and create a newsletter template in your own Flodesk account. We help organize and segment your email list and provide a detailed 1:1 personal tutorial on how to use it.

And then send you on your merry way with everything you need to nurture and develop your email list.

  1. Welcome Sequence: A custom 4-5 email workflow that automatically welcomes new subscribers and introduces them to your company. Start building relationships and authority.
  2. Newsletter: Send more newsletters and announcements with customized templates. Just plug and play your information in our custom template.
  3. Landing Page: We’ll develop a custom landing page for your audience to subscribe to your email list. Embed into your website or leave it as a standalone site.
  4. Tutorial + Support: Once your email marketing is set up, you’ll receive a personalized tutorial and walkthrough so you can manage your list and send emails to your clients and customers with confidence. Our team is there to help you succeed every step of the way!


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