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Freebies: Trading Value for an Email

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by Guest Writer Megan Noorman

The Lingo of Building an email list

Lead magnets are a fun way to establish authority while building an online audience to nurture, with the hope they will turn into a customer at a certain point. These can help you build that email list and get those business conversions quicker than through social media or websites alone.

The best freebies or lead magnets are content offerings that:

  1. Help you stand out from your competitors and build brand trust

When potential customers are looking at brands, their brains are automatically asking “is this brand there for me?”. Freebies can give a deeper look into a brand and their understanding of what they do than a social media post or even a blog post. Successful lead magnets are telling your audience you’re not trying to do the hard sell. You are willing to get to know them over a longer period of time through email nurturing.

2. Offer your audience immediate value

Building trust and offering value has to happen in tandem. If your consumer can’t see immediate value within 30 seconds of looking at a content piece, their motivational drive won’t kick into gear and they will likely move onto the next piece of content. Lead magnets give you space to brag about your expertise in a catchy way. Killer titles are necessary to get your audience to see the value that is equal to an email address.

3. Solve a known audience problem

Often what is valuable to an audience member is a fast solution to one of the problems your expertise solves. When an audience member gets that moment of “oh this brand gets me,” an email isn’t that much to give away. Workbooks, guides, free webinars are all easy and low cost content to offer audiences that give enough attention and space to solve their problem.

4. Invite repeated usage and are evergreen

The best lead magnets are timeless and can give value over and over again. When planning your content, be sure that the value you are providing will stay relevant for your audience. Bigger, broader concepts and solutions are easiest to give away. Avoid putting in dates or details that could change over time. The longer you can use it the better it will land with your audience.

Service Based Businesses – Lead Magnets are Your Friends.

Finally, if you are a service based business, lead magnets will be your best friend. Often services have so many nuances it is easy to plan out concepts and test them out in the lead magnet pool. Give your 5 tips for achieving the best healthy curls, or the 6 tips for writing successful email campaigns. The more you know your audience and can clearly solve that through a freebie, the easier it will be to start building your email lists.

Not sure if lead magnets are a good strategy for you? Reach out and we would be glad to help you get started.

Photo by Darlene Alderson from Pexels

Published by Kara Hoholik

Kara Hoholik is an impact entrepreneur and writer living on a farm outside Grand Rapids, Michigan with her husband and 3 children. When she isn't washing muddy feet, you can find her reading, with a cold cup of coffee still sitting in the microwave.

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