Social Impact Marketing Planner

$79.00 / month with a 14-day free trial

The Social Impact Marketing Planner is designed specifically for the purposeful business. Each feature is curated to work seamlessly with our Social for Good method. The branded dashboard hub allows you to connect your profiles, plan and schedule content in a weekly and monthly format, respond to messages and comments across platforms from a single inbox, and suggest smart social impact content. You’ll also receive support from our team including analytics reporting, quarterly group training, personal setup support, and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.


Do you run a purposeful business? Are you hoping to encourage connection online? Is your goal to spread awareness about the solutions your company provides? If so, the Social Impact Marketing Planner was designed with you in mind. Each feature is curated to help you reach your audience with authenticity and integrity. Together we will spark belief in a vision for a better future.

What makes our Planner unique?

  • Branded dashboard hub for you and your team
  • Connect your profiles and pages directly; no need to share passwords!
  • Custom reporting that showcases overall performance
  • Plus, support and training from us if required

What other benefits do our services and tool provide?

  • All social media activities are in one place, including a monthly and weekly view
  • A social inbox that stores your most recent and important mentions and messages
  • We service all key social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and even blogs like Medium and WordPress
  • We can also post to Google My Business (if the franchise has less than 100 locations)
  • Content library to also repurpose evergreen pieces
  • Smart social impact content suggestions within the platform, too!

Also included with your Social Impact Marketing Planner:

  • quarterly group coaching
  • personal setup support
  • training videos and step by step instructions
  • community of like-minded entrepreneurs

*If you’re looking for more in-depth reporting and support, a personalized content calendar, and post caption editing, please check out our next-level Done With You services.


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