Social Media Editing Services

$500.00 / month

The Social Impact Marketing Done With You services, including social media editing services, is mid-level support that includes access to our Social Impact Marketing Planner, custom conscious content calendars, monthly group coaching, market research, and training if required.


We recognize that not everyone has the capacity to do their own social impact marketing, nor the budget to pay for full agency support. For this reason, we created the Social Impact Marketing Done With You services, including social media editing services. The Social for Good team will provide you with mid-level support so you can amplify positive messaging, connect others online, build authentic community, and spark belief in a vision for a better future — without going over budget or working nights and weekends.

Our Done With You Services include:

  • Access to our Social Impact Marketing Planner with added custom reporting, curated social impact shareable content, in-app task and approval management, and priority inbox so you reach your most important customers first
  • Custom conscious content calendars designed by our team specifically for your business
  • Monthly group coaching on social impact marketing best practices
  • Market research based on your brand and geared toward your goals
  • Social media caption revision services, including grammar, trends, hashtags, and more
  • Training and personalized support if required

More About Social Media Editing Services

Trends and best practices in social media change very quickly. Take a training one week, and the processes you implemented become outdated in a month. Instead, try working with Social for Good. Our agency is equipped to support your social media presence with mid-level editing and planning services. We stay up to date on social media trends so you don’t have to.


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