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Social Impact Marketing Services

conscious content for conscious business.

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Flexible, thoughtful content for the conscious business.

experience results driven social impact marketing

We write compelling content to amplify positive messaging, connect others online, and build authentic community to spark belief in the vision for a better future through social media, emails, website design, and digital marketing.

"Kara and her team rock. They deliver all projects and services done professionally and on-time, which is rare in this business. Thanks for all you do, Social for Good!"
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Brian M.


Content Development

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Social Impact Formula


Flexible and Available

keep scrolling if...

You’re looking for a quick + cheap method to grow your digital influence like buying followers and subscribers, spammy DMs, or unethical practices. 

You will be offended by social justice, anti-racism, LGBTQIA+ pride, and smash the patriarchy kinda stuff.

You don’t want to work with women, mothers, change makers, and diverse social impact entrepreneurs.

You prefer to make money at the expense of others.


If you’re looking for authentic, genuine, organic, and sustainable growth online…


If you are making an impact in your community or the world through your work in some capacity…


If you align with our values of social impact and justice, anti-racism, identity affirming, and intersectional feminism…


If you like to communicate…


If you understand that genuine connection and community are more important than numbers…

...then we're your cup of joe

decisions, decisions

We recognize that not all businesses are the same. Neither are our services.







Our clients say

"I have used Social for Good Co. for email marketing setup, social media, and I am currently having them help me out with scheduling. They have been invaluable to my business and I am so glad I am working with them."
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Christina M.
"I used Social for Good to write and populate our social media for over a year. I have continually been impressed with the content even when I don’t give them much to work with. They were able to quickly learn my style and my “voice” so that the posts are authentic and sound like they are coming from me. I highly recommend Social for Good!"
Cindy H.
“Within hours of sending out the emails Social for Good created for me, recipients responded, reconnected, and brought new business. I’m so grateful for their work and would absolutely recommend them!“
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Robyn C.
"Often times getting started is the hardest part — that’s why I hired Social for Good to get a quick start with Emails in a Nutshell. They made it so easy to start connecting with my customers and showed me how to start making my own templates to stylishly make an impact. I’m so excited (and not freaked out) to start something new and helpful for my business. Thanks Social for Good!"
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Natasha B.

Social Impact Marketing Course

Learn how to DIY your social impact marketing with confidence.


Social impact marketing is the intersection of community, authenticity, and amplification. At Social for Good, we specialize in helping purposeful businesses achieve results through digital marketing. We intentionally learn your business and creatively apply our methods to work for your audience.

At this time we are not offering custom packages. What you see is what you get!

Our team works really hard to deliver excellent service and our prices reflect that. As such, we do not offer any discounts.

Our CEO, Kara Hoholik, has been in the social impact space for over 5 years. Through a variety of roles, she realized there was a gap between social impact messaging and the ears and eyes of every day people. Social impact marketing is the solution conscious and purposeful businesses have been looking for to amplify their work and build community online.

We are a full-service agency. Our team members have varied expertise and are available to support you in your social impact marketing needs.

Social Impact Marketing is a proprietary method to build awareness and community online. Contact Us