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Why social?

I write good content for businesses doing good. Social media shouldn’t be the detriment to your mission and life’s work. Let’s thrive together!

Social media is ubiquitous. That’s the obvious answer. I also grew up with social media (remember when you had to petition Mark Zuckerberg to get your school’s .edu address onto FB??). I’ve watched it grow and change and evolve. I love it.

I also hate it at times. It’s gotten overwhelming, saturated, noisy. It’s become a requirement to keep up with daily life, and it’s exhausting. I’ve taken extensive breaks, and learned how to have a successful business spending less time on it.

Why social media?

  • Despite all its flaws, you know social media is required for businesses these days. It’s where your customers are and it’s where you’ll get the most reach.
  • Like it or not, social media builds community. And it can build positive community if we curate it so. Businesses like yours are built for that.
  • Social for Good was created to help you be the clear voice that cuts through the noise, to reach your customers, and create a positive impact.

Social media is a very effective way to build community and reach thousands, if not millions, of likeminded customers and fans where they live – their phones. Creating positive, meaningful content that supports your brand’s mission and gives people a worthwhile way to engage on social media is, frankly, imperative.

To help you get started, here are a few questions:

  • How do you feel about being on social media every day?
  • Do you feel like you spend too much time on your phone?
  • Is your business time and personal time getting muddled because of social media?
  • Have you daydreamed about quitting social media for good?

Consider these questions thoughtfully, and let me know how you’re feeling. Running a business with an important mission is overwhelming, but we are better together! I am here to help you grow your community and outreach so you can focus on what you do best – your impact.

Published by Kara Hoholik

Kara Hoholik is an impact entrepreneur and writer living on a farm outside Grand Rapids, Michigan with her husband and 3 children. When she isn't washing muddy feet, you can find her reading, with a cold cup of coffee still sitting in the microwave.

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