Why good?

Focusing on businesses doing good just feels right.

I was introduced to the idea of businesses being at the forefront of change in 2017. It blew my mind.

Previously, I had envisioned myself working for a non-profit or charity, where the real impact occurs. It didn’t occur to me that businesses have so much control over solutions to global issues like poverty, climate change, and gender inequality.

Now, it seems so obvious that it’s hard to believe I ever thought differently. The sector of the economy that causes a lot of the issues we are facing, certainly can, and should, be the solution. It’s only when business changes, that the world will change.

So, here we are. Social media is an essential part of your business because it amplifies your message and allows you to connect in meaningful ways to your customers.

I hear people refer to social media being a “necessary evil” often and that’s a lot like saying for-profit businesses are a necessary evil, too. Let’s turn the tide and prove that social media and business can be real agents for positive change and global impact.

Watch the video that changed my mind.

More information on Sseko Designs here.

Published by Kara Hoholik

Kara Hoholik is an impact entrepreneur and writer living on a farm outside Grand Rapids, Michigan with her husband and 3 children. When she isn't washing muddy feet, you can find her reading, with a cold cup of coffee still sitting in the microwave.

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