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3 Reasons You Need Email Marketing for Your Business

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Email marketing is essential for every type of business, but you’d be surprised how many entrepreneurs I talk to that don’t have a working strategy! There are a few reasons why email marketing is important, especially in comparison to social media.

Own your clients

Many of my clients are present on social media first before they set up and curate an email marketing strategy. Let me be clear, you do not own your social media. At any time Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn or Pinterest (or whatever new platform there is these days) could delete everything – your history, your connections, your data, your photos, your everything. Snap. Just like that. You do not own your social media – it says so right in the fine print no one reads.

Social media is also important, don’t get me wrong, but you do not want it to be your only game. Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket. Be sure to have multiple marketing strategies going to maximize your reach and your efforts.

Higher visibility than social media

On average, your emails will get a 20-30% open rate. Social media posts are seen an average of 1-3%. Yikes – that’s quite a big difference. Most of us are yelling into the void when we are marketing on social media (unless you are paying, of course). It’s rare to find your ideal client or customer just by happenstance on social media unless you’re already connected to them somehow. Even accounts with massive followings tend to see similar rates of visibility.

Email is queen. Yes, sure, we get a lot of emails and we delete a lot of them, but you cannot deny the open rates. And a good email marketing strategy, content, and subject line will help you increase your visibility and communication with your audience.

Personal connection

That leads me to this last one. While lots of us pour our souls into social media, you can’t beat the intimacy of a 1:1 conversation. Encourage your customers to respond to you via email and develop relationships with them. Some of my best client relationships are built over email.

Don’t be fooled by the gold shiny social media! Just because you can visually see your brand come to life via Facebook or Instagram, does not mean it should be your sole marketing focus. Choose an email client, figure out how to get people interested to join your email list, and develop content to serve them well. Spending time on email marketing will pay off in terms of quality relationships and increased revenue and growth in your business.

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